Why say yes to public speaking? Disrupt yourself in 2021 by facing your fears…

By: Sona Nambiar,  

Kids dont think. Adults do. We think. We analyze this and then we analyze that and end up in such tangles that the circuits in our brain may look like Friday night at Global Village, Dubai before the pandemic struck us. Or VT station (now known as CST) in Mumbai at 7 pm on a week day. Maybe, the Tomatina Festival too – from what I have seen in a movie.

Except that, during the festival, people are having fun. But most adults are not. They are busy sitting through the meetings of life and smiling vacuously while the circuits in their brain tangle further and leave them with Analysis Paralysis.

Like that feeling before going on stage!!! My Achilles Heel for years and years.

Yes, I love writing, launched portals and magazines, interviewed the toughest of CEOs blah blah. But put me in front of a room full of people, shine the spotlight on me with darkness all around and hundreds of pairs of eyes staring at me – you get the picture. That has been the Kahuna moment….

So in 2020, I started saying yes to speak. But the most unusual opportunity turned up in March 2021 when my friend Dr Mohamed Abdulzaher (ex-colleague from Thomson Reuters, my Rafeeq (comrade) and Akhi (brother) all rolled into one) asked me not just to moderate the 7th panel for the first-of-its-kind hybrid event – the “Artificial Intelligence Journalism World Forum , with the theme “Designing the Future of Media, Touching Human lives 2050 (March 29-30, 2021) at Voco Dubai, UAE.. But also choose a good subject..

Sona Nambiar Panel Moderator

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