The Kimiyaa philosophy? “Measure Twice, Cut Once.” With the journalism background in launching five media products, we can work with your marketing team, UX designers and IT to create a bespoke content strategy that aligns with your business goals. Through Discovery.

This saves you 1000s of dollars spend on tech costs, especially, with disruptive AI and tech changes, unprecedented geo-political shifts and market volatility. We are proud to say that Kimiyaa was a DTEC Spotlight winner (2023) for Innovation & Creativity..

Click on my Linkedin page link here for client testimonials and Spotify link here to hear my podcast interview on why original content is an asset…

Content Strategy

  • Content audit and dipstick analysis
  • Identifying user personas and UX mapping workshops
  • Agile content roadmap that shifts using digital business journalism expertise
  • Self-publishing Thought Leadership on Linkedin (4-6 month editorial coaching program – 2 hours weekly for busy leaders)

Lead Magnets (TOFU, MOFU & BOFU)

  • Original website content after Discovery – great for SEO
  • B2B conference reports or newsletters
  • Pillar pages as your Knowledge Hub
  • E-books
  • Scripts: Youtube, Reels, Podcasts

Contemporary digital design

  • Limited edition merchandise: apparel, drinkware & totes
  • Limited edition prints: Fashion or interiors
  • Live customization