Of Thought Leadership, Linkedin and using AI to blog

By: Sona Nambiar,  

“Dont understand digital. I was busy making money for the company and had no time to learn how to use Linkedin.” A classic pain point I heard over the last three years whenever potential clients had a satori that they needed to up their ante on social. The pandemic made them realise the actual importance of digital.

Few other remarks. “We have branding guidelines.” “I know how to write but what if I say the wrong thing?” “My company has asked me to redo my CV on Linkedin but I am not looking for another job!!!” “I have not written since college.”

The best one? “Someone else writes my blogs (outsourced by marketing). Now when people mention my blog, I don’t know what they are talking about (not read them).”

It was then that I started to notice a pattern. All 40+ years. C-Suite or senior management. Industry experts, brilliant leaders who motivated large teams. But ran from meeting to meeting not realizing that the digital transformation train was leaving the station… Now they were left behind.

5 reasons to work with a Launch Editor who can coach you how to find and blog about your Thought Leadership on Linkedin

But the problem was bigger than redoing the Bio. Linkedin can be overwhelming to someone new to “professional social.” Even a seasoned editor like me spent few years reading, watching videos, talking to social media experts, etc to create my personalized content roadmap.

Unlearn print
From my past experience as Launch Editor who has trained journalists in the MENA region, I understand the pain as print media has walked that road..

We had to unlearn everything that we knew and re-adjust to new realities eons ago. Heat maps, bounce rates, most-read articles, multimedia, fake news – sales threw the data in our face that IT collected.. We had to upskill, redo editorial calendars, assign stories that readers wanted and continue to publish. Still do.

Plus we had to weigh speed versus accuracy on a daily basis. So we trained all writers to research before even writing the story. During and after. Cardinal rule.

That holds good even today when using ChatGPT to write a blog.. But it is up to you to verify facts and credit sources. Don’t blame AI for your mistakes.

No fluff digital transformation
That is why I ruminated and decided to create a structured program to address the same intimidation I felt. It is almost three years since I started 1-on-1 Editorial Coaching for Thought Leadership on Linkedin.. No fluff. Just real digital transformation (click here to read my client testimonials on Linkedin).

If you ready to devote two hours weekly over 4-5 months, I can help you to

  1. Identify your personal style of Thought Leadership
  2. Teach you how to find new ideas and blog about your expertise
  3. Grow your personal but authentic brand
  4. Deepen relationships with industry peers
  5. Find your digital tribe and
  6. Above all, teach basics of how to use AI to write faster..

When the student is ready, the teacher will appear… Email me if you wish to learn more…